Low Quality Avatars


So here is the tentative first page of a book project I have started this summer called Low Quality Avatars (might switch up some things up in the border and add some halftones). It is going to be a self-indulgent mish-mash of science fiction trope and noir/hard boiled detective narrative. A guest-artist in my thesis year final crit suggested I look at T.S. Eliot's poem The Wasteland, because of all the referencing and allusions to pop-culture I make in my art, so this little book of weird poetry is kind of in response to that. 

As you can see in the above photo of my new studio space I just started renting. I have a few pages on the go at a time and really want to have it finished before the end of the summer. Not sure about whether the finished book will be colour or black and white and this point, and I am definitely considering making some CMYK silkscreen prints of a few individual pages. I share this exciting new studio with some pretty cool other artists. Check out their blogs/websites if you are already familiar with them:

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EndlessBlockade said...

Where or when can I get a copy of this? Email me back